Full Biography

Anthony Sims is an American contemporary painter born on October 11, 1998, in Southaven, Mississippi (MS). He grew up with his mother, older brother, and older sister after his father was deported to Mexico in 2006. Anthony spent the rest of his childhood in Lewisburg, Mississippi. His senior year at Lewisburg High School he won two silver keys at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards hosted at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. The following year, he participated in several street shows put on by local organizers in Memphis. 

In 2019, Sims landed his first official magazine publication in The Pinch Journal from the University of Memphis and his first gallery show at Jack Robinson's Gallery. That same year, Anthony faced several complications and left Memphis on the verge of homelessness. In search of a fresh start, he drove 16 hours to New York City, where he met Diana Vachier. After leaving New York in July, Anthony moved to Dallas, Texas. The following October, Diana inducted Anthony into the American Pop Art collective created by herself and the late Steve Kaufman. By November, LA Producer NugLife took notice to Sims and commissioned cover artwork from Anthony, and the first project was "Long Flights" with Issa Gold. The partnership between NugLife and Anthony would continue for many years and resulted in the creation of more than 10 music covers.

Kate Cherry, the executive director of the Meridian Museum of Art, accepted Anthony's artwork into the museum's permanent collection, making him one of the youngest artists to ever be accepted into a museum's permanent collection. Sims met with Kate Cherry in June of 2020 to donate the works to the museum. 

In January of 2021, Anthony was accepted onto the SuperRare marketplace. His painting and NFT video "Not sure about myself, I am certain" sold on SuperRare for $99,973 on May 14th. From June to October 2021, Anthony toured and held exhibitions in Memphis, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Austin. Sims was also featured in his first international show in London at the end of 2021.

At the beginning of 2022, Anthony opened up his first studio space, apart from his home, in what is known as the Tin District located in Dallas, TX. He stayed at this studio until August of 2023. In addition to his growth in Dallas, Anthony was one of five artists featured in “Another Dimension: Digital Art in Memphis” and spoke on a panel discussion about NFTs at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. In September, Anthony held his first international solo show in Mexico City, featuring five paintings and five NFTs. This show was at the Proyecto H Contemporáneo Gallery. Shortly after leaving Mexico, Anthony was invited to speak at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, by Professor Simon Mak. Closing out 2022, Anthony exhibited an NFT during Art Basel on a 60ft wide floating billboard in partnership with Art Innovation Gallery. This partnership lasted for several months and included being featured on billboards in Hong Kong and Time Square during the first half of 2023. Anthony’s Time Square billboard piece focused on celebrating the life of Tyre Nichols and was displayed during Frieze Week in New York.

Additionally, the NFT Factory in Paris, France, displayed a MEME created by Anthony Sims titled “Down Bad, Still Sad” in April of 2023. From January 2023 to January 2024, Anthony’s art piece “Mississippi Blue” was featured for the year in the Science Museum Oklahoma.  Anthony’s first show of 2024 was in Florence, Italy, in partnership with the Dimensions DAO.