• New School of Expressionism

    The internet is rapidly evolving and there is a major development in the people's perception of crypto currency and the utility it holds...beyond the technology that has developed, we have been presented with an artistic renaissance.

    A renaissance of chaotic, bold, digital paintings.

  • A Letter From Anthony Sims Pt. 2

    "Measure your own success by the insight and wisdom your failure brings you." When I said this last year I was unaware and fearful of what was to come of my life and my art career. I had lost nearly everything except the exceptional people in life.

  • A Letter From A. Sims

    From June 23rd, 2019 to what is now August 8th, 2019 has been a critical period of my life as an artist. Therefore, I am writing an article of humility, dignity, and above all, honesty.