• Decentraland's First Fashion House

    A lot has happened this year for crypto and NFTs however there is a new market emerging that I believe will over take media headlines. Wearable...
  • Featured in Fort Worth Magazine

    Are NFTs the Future of Buying & Selling Art? Artist Anthony Sims Can Say So 

  • Hella Positive Gallery Opening

    On September 24th, 2021, I will having a gallery opening with the Hella Positive brand in Oakland, CA. The event will be from 4pm to 8pm and the ga...
  • Dichotomy - Los Angeles

    Dichotomy, a story of the war between digital and analog artists. Throughout history we experience improvements in our technology that enables a ne...
  • Endless Gratitude

    In May 2021, I quit my job to pursue my dream. Selling NFT's all year I was able to buy my first house in a sellers market, save up months for a ...
  • Pop up or plug in. #NFT

    What is the mission of the show? The world has discovered NFT's and smart contracts via the blockchain. Many things will slowly shift toward this ...
  • Featured in D Magazine

    I was recently featured in D Magazine. Here is a quick look at the article: A young Dallas artist cashes in on the crypto art market. One of Dalla...
  • HOLLY x Sims NFT drop.

    June 25th, 2021, I will be partnering with grammy nominated producer/dj Holly for a NFT project on SuperRare. 
  • Saint Death.

    Saint Death is a .gif file as well as an infinite object. The piece was listed on SuperRare June 11th. The reserve auction price was .1 ETH.
  • Sims x the first pop-up exhibition of NFT's in Dallas, TX.

    June 12th will be the first NFT exhibition in Dallas, TX. The event will be from 7pm-10pm at the Landmark Center in downtown Dallas. I will have one piece available exclusively in an in person silent auction.
  • New Art, New Money. #NFT

    Anthony Sims presents "New Art, New Money. #NFT" a show about how crypto art and fine art are one in the same.