Endless Gratitude

In May 2021, I quit my job to pursue my dream. Selling NFT's all year I was able to buy my first house in a sellers market, save up months for a reserve cash flow, and invest everything into my dream.

My friend Andri Wibowo, also known as @TagaPaw, sent me the final animation for our project, "Not Sure About Myself, I Am Certain" and we sold the piece for 24.25 ETH, which at the time was $99,973. Our lives were changed forever. I was home alone for most of that day and was jumping around my room. I did not expect art to pay me this much money as I create mainly for my own mental health but the dream was to always have art pay me full time. 

I was prepared to follow this dream to my end. In one day it all changed. 

I am now doing shows around the United States. Last month was Dallas, this month is Denver, and next month is Los Angeles. I can't thank my collectors enough for truly believing in my art. Whether it's because they think I'm a good investment or because they love my art. Thank you. Both are humbling. This is what I was feeling when I created the 2D digital painting. Now, thanks to my friends Jake, the producer, (@camelCaseJake) and Puja, the animator, (@pujawardana_) we present to you our collective perspective, "Endless Gratitude."

Available on SuperRare.