Dichotomy - Los Angeles

Dichotomy, a story of the war between digital and analog artists. Throughout history we experience improvements in our technology that enables a new layer of expression. Take for instance when the camera was created and the world of art improved to a new degree or when film was created further developing the picture. It is my understanding that digital art is a new layer or a new dimension to fine art. I have been able to partner with digital artists from around the world thanks to the SuperRare community and my friend Suryanto. My first 3D collaboration was with Andri Wibowo or @tagapaw and that piece sold for $99,973 in May 2021, on SuperRare. The significance behind our piece was not the price at which it sold but more so what we were able to bring to life. Andri took a single layered PNG file of a painting I created. The painting was about 4ft (1.25m) wide and 5ft (1.5m) in height. With no additional layers Andri was able to deconstruct the single image into multiple sections. These pieces were later built into floating 3D objects including the center skeleton, who was now fully alive. I posted the piece on SuperRare a day after I decided to leave my job and pursue art full time. Within an hour @Monteluna purchased our piece for 24.25ETH, which was worth about $100k at the time. Now I am bringing with me several animated NFTs as well as fine art paintings to Los Angeles. Tickets are free here.